Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A sabbatical? Going part-time? Freelancing? Or calling it quits?

Is it the arrival of spring? Or is it just a bad week at work? Whatever, it's been a while now, that I've been wanting to scoot, from wherever I am. To someplace where there are no excel sheets, no meetings, no deadlines, no access cards, no vending machines, no year end reviews, no HRs, no presentations, no briefing sessions, no nothing.

I want to run away from it all and maybe just stay at home. Where empty pots in the balcony beg me to stay, and so do the naked walls of the living room. Unopened bottles of exotic spices look at me pleadingly too. Clumsy closets are tired of trying, but nod in agreement anyway. The unturned pages of Lonely Planet say they've never been lonelier. Jeffrey Archer peeps from the corner of my bedside table and screams... stay.

'Someday soon', I promise them as I grab my bag and set out, murmuring 'shucks I am running late.'


  1. if we didn't have the next promotion to chase or friends to race against we would have died of boredom or killed each other for want of better things to do...stay!

  2. in response to the above comment?

    'Career' is a 21st century innovation!

    Chris McCandless
    'Into the Wild'

  3. this 'into the wild guy' was an idiot - no respect for civilization, by the way what do you mean by career here?

  4. ab, UIOW, am I a moderator or something? AB you make sense though.

  5. perennial question...one answer....

    tumhein sach chahiye ki maza? :)

  6. Idiot?

    IDIOT?? .. yaa right , even Calvin was an idiot too!

  7. Trust me, life at home ain't that glorious. I've been going home at lunch for the past three days and 'staying'. You know what it looks like then?

    The otherwise bustling streets are empty at high noon, barring a couple of sutta joint owners swatting flies. The dreams of "washing down the tropical heat with a bottle of ice-cold beer and sleeping with a novel" ideas suddenly don't seem so novel. A disturbing gloom penetrates the air at about 6, when evening is breaking-something you can't really put your finger on. The exotic spices look like the kind of old, out-of-fad exotic gentry that have lost touch with the modern times, but yet refuse to change. The lonely planets look like someone else's dreams. One is left looking at the phone, wishing for it to ring. Or a ping on gmail.

    Ok, perhaps a day at home is good. 'Someday soon'. But not 'Someweek soon'. Never 'Somemonth soon'.

    If the lion didn't have to hunt for a living, the crocodile didn't have to pitch itself against land predators for a meal, would they still be what they are?

  8. my thoughts exactly Surya, things look the way they do for a reason, groups that aimed at infinite renouncement, such as hippies, had to do something - hence their compulsive urge to keep moving physically - everybody needs routine and something to beat or optimize, retired people take to stuff like gardening with a passion - stuff like that

  9. Yeah surya you make sense, but there has to be a way out, i don't know, right now, every pursuit seems totally worthless. Probably this is a phase too.

  10. Remember- the other side of the valley always look greener. Ask those who stay home. Am sure they'll have a different version to tell.
    Be happy pal!