Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey twisted! Are you in love?

VJ Nikhil: “So, what didn't you like about her? Her body or the performance?"

The King (I'll get to it later): "Hmmm.. it's the performance, she wasn't into it."

The performer: "No I don't think I have a bad a body, and I think my performance was pretty good too. It's just that we don't share a connection."

That's MTV SplitsVilla Season 2. Double the crap, double the sleaze but not double the mazaa.

(The performance being an erotic sway to some crappy music in the skimpiest clothes possible, after which the girl hopefully looks at the king, praying 'Oh God, hope he is pleased with my body and my performance.' )

The show is hosted by Nikhil, wearing a look that says – 'if it wasn't for all the money, I swear to God, I'd kill 'em all'. What the heck, downturn could lead to more awful things, like hosting MTV Couplesutra for instance (Yuck, totally). And surrounded by dumb guys and sexy dumb girls, isn't such a bad thing, after all.

Just when I thought, television couldn't be more mindless, here it is. The show is confused, it wants to be a juvenile show with some harmless adult content. I have absolutely no clue about its target audience, alright I maybe 10 years too old for it but c'mon this is plain crap. A Twisted Tale of Love says the baseline. Yeah, you got to be really twisted, to be here and to be doing anything with it.

The episode I watched, had a king and a queen (probably for their best 'performances' and bodies, whatever). Where they, sitting on their ridiculous wooden thrones, each week get to dump a girl and a boy and send him and her packing out of the villa, after rounds of erotic performances. Reasons for dumping may often be one or all of the following - She/he wasn't trying hard enough (which means didn't jump into the pool, and dance for the king/queen) , she/he wasn't really into me (wasn't drooling for me), and the all time favourite – we didn't have a connection (I can't figure it out, neither can they).

So, hey twisted! Come, fall in love on Saturdays 7 pm, only on MTV.


  1. Me too happened to watch one such episode of MTV Splitsville - 2 recently as I was browsing. Thought probably it's just me who found it in bad taste. Thank God! I've company.

  2. i never quite got what the program was about, about nikhil chinnapa - he is the poster boy of dead end careers

  3. Oh come on! No longer do kids have to wait for hours till their parents are asleep to catch up on erotica. Although I've never seen this, I'm sure others who are half my age do. By what I hear, it caters to primal needs. That don't change with time. Another thing that's time-proof is the need to rebel against the former generation. So I'm guessing that kids will love exactly the same things we hate/don't understand today. As an example: How many of us like Ritwik Ghatak movies and Robindro Shongeet? How many of our parents would approve of Dev D?

    And, what exactly is in good taste now a days? What do you compare this with? Dil Mil Gaye? Some oh-so-hep serial for the youth? Ekta's crap? The legacy of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? Mohabbatein? Everyone cant or doesn't want to watch meaningful stuff.

    All TV's crap, so this is crap - is a likely conclusion. Is this really crappier than the rest of primetime television (ok, lets leave out discovery and nat geo)? Not really, IMHO.

  4. surya, guess you are right. But this is taking things too much for granted. Consumer is not a moron, at least it can hope they are not. Ekta kapoor churns out what her TA relishes. can MTV be sure, the youth wants this?

  5. Agree. The consumer is not a moron, and the program could suck bigtime. For my part, I don't even understand who liked Sp-1. Or similar stuff. So all in all, I am in agreement with your overall idea that its crap. And not even good crap at that. On a different note, keep writing, I enjoy your blog.