Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My store, here take a look.

If I ever own a store, or when I own a store... this is what the outside of my store will look like. When my store gets too crowded, or before I open my store during the SALE season, or on any given good day, this is where people would wait, discussing my store, its owner and the stuff and the fact that I should soon open one in their neighbourhoods too.

This is how the signage would be, of course this wouldn't be the name of the store. But the signage would be very, very close to this. Eathsong isn't a bad name either. but c'mon i am a copywriter, the least i could do is not steal the name for my store. But earthsong is kinda pretty. Just perfect for my flea market stuff.

And this would be the billing counter, you see the chair there, that's where I will sit and make lofty bills. Get rich, make friends with my customers, talk fancy things like how it's a relationship that we share and that money is the last thing on my mind, etcetera. This is where i will get more business ideas, drink nice tea, etcetera.

images courtesy - the cherry blossom girl & peonies & polaroids; gracias.

Monday, August 17, 2009

So much for advertising being the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Yeah for that guy who created vodafone's newest busy message tvc, advertising is sure a lot of fun. Not for me. Creativity, kick-ass assignment, loving my job, oh-it-feels-like-a-paid-vacation, etcetera be damned.

I am just an ordinary girl asking for just another ordinary job. (cheesy i know, but c'mon i am having a lousy day)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Of purple houses, deli direction pointers, florescent mopeds, psychedelic bikinis, beautiful people and yes, the beaches too.

Goa alone would have sufficed for the whole of Incredible India campaign.

Now about Goa. What about Goa? Everyone knows about Goa. Well I didn't. And when I did.. I absolutely loved it. It's beautiful. And it's so different than every place I've ever been to.

I saw weird and exotic couples; miles of tattoos and thousands of piercings; houses painted mustard yellow, royal blue, red and purple, ;small huts selling homemade mozzarella; shacks where FTV comes alive and restaurant menus without paneer butter masala.

Yeah the food, you possibly can't get any closer to great food than being at Goa. A detailed food post to follow.

Between seafood risotto and tuna salad, I had this absolutely delicious konkani fish meal. Especially the fried sardines. I got to go back for more.