Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The need to write

write is what I do to buy pretty shoes and that bag
write is what I do to be occupied 10 hours a day
write is what I do to have a retirement plan, or any plan that I can think of

so, why don't I write more? Because what I write at work doesn't exactly qualify as 'writing' writing you know. Conceptualization and other fancy words have taken over. Paper work, ppts, client calls, targets, graphs, briefs, team building initiatives and oh yeah deadlines involved. So that isn't exactly writing in its truest sense. And because I cannot find that perfect tree, or afford the beautiful summer home in kasauli, or be allowed to take beach vacations every thirty days, guess I will make do with this seat, which is near perfect and the screen that allows me to have wallpapers from any location from conde nast traveler.
And because when you got to write you got to write. Blogspot here I come.