Wednesday, May 23, 2012

of goodbyes, bookmarks, a d-drive and untimely tears

this monday was my last day at work in my now previous organization. the incredible amount of work made sure, the day-long nostalgia was skipped, so was the oh-my-goodness-i-can't-believe-i-am-going/ oh-remember-the-nights-out-for-that-campaign conversations. which was, i think both good and bad. there were no all-engulfing emotions, it was just another day. nothing that i will think about, misty eyed. but i'll sure miss the place. i will miss the spectacular view from one of our office corners. the view of the lake and at night, the gorgeous lights around it. the lunch place, the particular chair that i would often sit on. the door to the conference room, the one in which i always entered fifteen minutes late. i will miss my colleagues. the constant banter. the really creative nicknames that we have had (hush, hush).

and while i was still working and chasing a deadline, goodbyes and good-lucks were being said, all of a sudden, the thought that my files and folders in my d-drive won't be mine anymore hit me. i looked at the bookmarks [collected over the years], links that i consider a true treasure trove. and i was suddenly very, very sad. i was feeling sick. tears were involved. out of nowhere there were ample D-drive-triggered tears. hey there psychoanalyst so what do these D-drive-triggered tears say about me and my emotions or the lack of it?

yes, bookmarks made me cry. so did yellow folders in my d-drive. they are like yellow rooms, don't you think? get inside, and you will find some are clumsy, while some all neat and structured. some unopened for months. and some empty.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

all you need is love and some quotes maybe

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okay so i have traversed this path before - the what to blog, the how often to blog, the demands and rigors of a blog, and often have pushed myself to write only when i can think of something fun for my target audience [3? 4? readers out there.], and then i went back into the dungeon with the convenient excuses to myself - too busy, writers block, yada yada yada.
none of that anymore, i am guessing i could risk ;-) losing few of my many readers with my spontaneous random thoughts :D, huh?

yes i have been feeling a bit lackluster when it comes to blogging, or waking for that matter. i will begin with the writing, waking shall follow, or so i hope.

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 for today, i would like to leave you with a few wise words, words that i am discovering to be true, words that are making sense to me right now -

my life didn't please me, so I created my life.”
- coco chanel

“to be in hell is to drift; to be in heaven is to steer.”
- george bernard shaw

"one day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching."
- source unknown

"we become what we want to be by constantly being what we want to become each day. "
- richard g scott

from an unknown source,
"i wish i couldn't feel a damn thing."
don't we all?

and finally
"let it be."


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A case of sense of humor and shapely legs

“oh he makes me laugh!” seriously? Is this why we women fall in love. Can it really be this simple, guiltless, beautiful and devoid of motives? Julia Roberts says it, so does my yet to be married friend about her colleague/fling/crush. Will a guy mind if he discovered his lady picked him for his body? Hasn't he worked so hard, for that very thing?
Is 'oh he has a great sense of humor' our way to euphemize our real motives? Sure, money plays a huge role too, but because that wouldn't let me post pictures of the above gentleman, I have steered clear of getting into that topic. Money doesn't make for a pretty picture, does it?

However, men are unapologetic about their selection procedure. I will of course not get into the nuances of their selection procedure, but the fact that they aren't bashful about it, is something we could learn from them.  

I will leave you with something to chew on, Scarlett Johanson left Ryan Reynold for no one particular, so perhaps that whole humor thing is not a sham after all?