Friday, April 10, 2009

I want to mind your business, and yours too.

It started with season 1 of Big Boss. My love for everybody else's business. The desire to know crazy little things of total strangers, small time celebrities, once upon a time celebrities or wannabe celebrities. Slowly, it didn't actually matter who they were. I wanted to know everything, from the amount of moisturizer Anupama Verma uses to Carol Gracia's brand of lingerie, you get the drift. Totally inconsequential, quite meaningless facts, that will never benefit me. But I wanted to know it all and I wanted to know more.

Apparently, it's not just me. Most of us hated Orkut's album locking feature. I did, and I know 105 other people who hate it too. C'mon I got to know what my friend's ex's current wore for her best friend's wedding. Or how that snooty hottie from school is faring after having turned into a total behenji. But then that doesn't quite feel right, does it... what's not meant for me, is not meant for me.
Note to self: There has to be an end. One step at a time maybe, but it gotta end.

Somehow, discovering itsy-bitsy details about established celebrities doesn't feel all that guilt laden. That's set then, no, peeping into albums not meant for me, no fishing for details that don't help me make more money, no 'hey what's her loser boyfriend up to?'.

Tapering off is the way. So, I'll just stick to discovering facts like Madonna's children don't know the taste of ice cream and bread; Scarlett Johanson in a bid to lose those curves has just started training with Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer; etcetera.

By the way, is an excellent place to start.


  1. I would say there is an equally obsessive need to broadcast to the world ' i am cool, rich, and have a great life' - or whatever trait one values the most. the social networking sites would have broken down otherwise, Loads of people offer blow by blow accounts of their days and lives

  2. do you know that there is a concept called lifecasting and bimbettes are making money out it? search google or go straight to

    waise this was very much uzzzz, crap and crapmates

  3. ab, i know this is uzzz, but u know i just can't take any more trash anymore. and lifecasting is pretty crazy.

  4. What is uzzz? Please explain for the make benefit of me and the unknown sweatshop guy

  5. yeah explaining uzzz would help us mediocre and low wage earning people :)