Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Days when you need a pick-me-up

Life or if I were to use a less dramatic word - the week so far has been less than great. Nothing killing [thank god for that], but stuff I could have been much happier without. You know nagging things... that are not there on your face. Yet lurking somewhere. Hmm that's the kind of troubles I have been talking about. There goes a saying 'don't sweat the small stuff'. How? Pray tell me how? How can you not sweat about things at work that are beyond your control [not talking about the looming deadlines]. How can you not sweat about untimely rains that make your commute a big hell. How can you not sweat about a sad roommate? How can you not sweat when uncertainties outweigh certainties?

The point is we do sweat the small stuff. Such days demand a pick-me-up. Do you have a pick-me-up? A stuff that always works? I do. Yes, sir I do. rocks my world. It always does. Try it on a day, when things are grey and sad. When monstrous clients seem like angels, and your cubicle companion plays the screaming demon. On a day when no planning seems like the best planning. On a day when waking up in the morning was possibly the worst thing you could do. Yes on that kind of a day. Do try dailymail.

After all, how can your world be difficult when in this very world Hugh Hefner's runaway bride decides to bare it all in a tell-all realty show. A world where Britney goes flab to flat, in three days flat and then back to flab again. A world where 'friends with benefits' or the 'no strings
attached' models work perfectly. A world where pretty young things sue their moms over misused funds. A world where Cheryl Cole keeps falling for her love rat multiple-time-cheater ex-husband.
Do give dailymail a try. On a day like today.

n.b. the dark brown stuff above works as well.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mary had a little lamb

My friends who have pets now, have always had pets when they were growing up. Pet(s) featured in their family albums, vacations, birthdays, mostly everywhere. The pet had its birthday too. And gifts during special occasions. Visiting aunts and uncles would never forget to pack something for them. Dare they. Now my friends' pets have moved from the dusty velvet albums to facebook, from pretty collars to fancy tweeter accounts. And nicer names too. Hobbes has replaced snowy. Rio is the new Pluto. Harper 7 anyone?

And people with pets, are different kind of people I've heard. Quite like athletes. No it's not about them being like athletes. It's about them being a little different from the rest of us, the way athletes are. Pet owners are kinder, friendlier and kind of nicer no? Not the ones with pet caretakers. They don't count. For them I'm guessing, having a pet is part of the checklist process. Penthouse check. Picket fences check. Monthly parties check. Pet check. Weekly spa check. They don't count.

I've always wanted to have a pet, but not badly enough to have fought my mom's hygiene concerns or father's transferable job factors. And now my own issues of not having enough time or space, or that green patch, or crazy hours at work. There will always be excuses. To not have a pet. Or to not live your life.