Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's my maid vs my man, my home vs my hobby, my job vs my acne.

Mornings are pure nightmare. Afternoons are no good either. Twilights have ceased to matter. But, nights I remember, for that's when I make plans to seize the next day.

Yes, I need more time. To do everything. To up my metabolism, to tackle inflation, to defy age, to keep my job, to keep my friends, to stay married, to stay sane. I do need more time.


  1. sums up everyday life - but all these objectives could be condensed into one, and then the individual ones could be staggered - like spend the next five years trying to get rich, and then do the rest

  2. Ritika, a humble request. Can you please BAN .. [yeah BAN, ABOLISH, etc] the above user?

    He SPAMS!

  3. you said it. but i don't have a choice really, he is one of the two regulars i have. other one being you :D

  4. abay I dont spam, i write highly sensible stuff