Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Of slightly burnt toast and nostalgia.

What are you nostalgic about? Someone I know is nostalgic about the 90s Mamta Kulkarni movies. Most of my friends are nostalgic about sweet things like a particular kind of pitter-patter, the smell of freshly wet ground, a type of green, some kind of polka dots, etcetera.

Last night I got nostalgic about a sound. The sound of scraping off the burnt portion from an otherwise nice brown toast.

Toast with our morning tea is a regular feature at my parents place. It used to be like a little breakfast. And since mummy had to do all at once, make the tea, lay the tray, get the butter out of the refrigerator and toast the bread... more often then not the toasts ended up slightly burnt. My father and I would share the job of scrapping off the the burnt corners of the toasts. It was a teatime ritual we relished as the buttery toasts awaited us.

The sound made me happy last evening, though now the butter is barely there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The first post

I am not very deep. I mean I am normal, I work to pay my bills, I love to shop, travel, read, eat and I have body issues. So, why would I want to write a blog? More so, why would I want people to know about my oh-so-everyday life, errr... I would want to. Everybody is doing it, so will I.

And I have some reasons to –

One. I am in advertising (the 'most fun you can have with your clothes on' job). So I assume, I'll have some interesting things to write about.

Two. I'll soon have a new camera. So, want a space for the photos that I click. And no, web album is not an option.

Three. I am a copywriter you see, I got to write.

Four. Greed. I've been reading about many blogs being published into books.

Reasons too many, I'd say.