Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting people to buy stuff they don't need with the money they don't have.

Hello Clients, Account executives,

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Garbage in – Garbage out. How hard is it to understand that? Clients, why not tell us the REAL date of your product launch, how can it be 1st of next month when you are yet to start operations in this city? When you are yet to hire a team? Why not tell us who you are actually targeting at? How can your TG be everyone from Parvathy R. Kutty, part time teacher, mother of two, wife of Insurance seller from Vanandurai to nineteen year old NIFtian, aspiring bridal lingerie designer from GK? Huh?
And Account Executives/Managers could you speak up please? When I say speak up, I don't mean you asking us for 7 headline options or asking the client for money [which you do very well, and yes of course this is why you and I are around], but while you are at it, can you not tell the client, 3 campaigns by tomorrow evening is not possible. That google images isn't his property, that one more bullet point and the ad will burst. That the consumer doesn't give a dang about his vision? And, and could you please write a brief? It's important, non?

n.b. this is my 100th post. quite a feat, considering my attention span.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post dear. It's true to the core, hilarious and carries a strong message. We all go through this grind everyday....

  2. U just got it is so wud have been so simple with a brief, client servicing who speaks to the client n most importantly clients who know wht they r talking abt...u bet, am already dreaming :)

  3. at the risk of being rude let me just tell you... a written brief really wont bring any change in the situation .... U ppl conveniently do what ever u guys feel like writing...and den u try to convince the account guys with ur all-the-more weird logics...Thank god u dont get written briefs... otherwise that would have been enough of a reason to make u guys take that 'not so desirable break'. saying this out of my 14 years of advertising exp.. trust me! ...:P...:(

  4. supriyo da, nah, nah that's wasn't rude, or was it, honestly after the briefs and the briefing meetings that we have, we are numb to most things. :), and guess 'whatever we feel like' wala phase is long gone, we are no longer kobis. i guess, the industry just needs more of your kind of account men and women. amen.