Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That feeling of having arrived

Pardon the clichéd title of the post, but to capture what I wanted to, something else wouldn't have cut it. Okay, so something happened last week, something phenomenal. Between 7 change in briefs, confused clients, stale dinners, messy closets, messier minds and an unspectacular weekend, something remarkable happened. I have started to enjoy The New Yorker. Yupe, that's the story. That's about it. I'm sorry if I've led you to expect something life changing. Non. Just that I am now into the new yorker. I get it. No it wasn't on my 2011 new year resolution, but every writer I respect and love to read, reads the new yorker. No it wasn't exactly in the aspirational space, but yeah I did feel I was missing out on something. But, my attempts [yes, I use the word attempt, because that's what it was] at reading the recommended articles, would fail. Say somewhere in page 3, I would stop getting it. And then move to the lighter reads.

Everything changed in the past week. I read an article, that came highly recommended by a favorite blogger. I read the whole thing, and understood whatever was there to understand. When I say the feeling was almost calming, I kid you not. Calming like when you get your corner office with a view.


  1. Looks like I need to work on IEEE-JSSC a bit more then....

  2. Cane-an i just googled, and yep do that :)

  3. Welcome to new york city, black cats and voodoo dolls, welcome to the new yorker

  4. Let me barge in. It's not often that you come across people in this country reading The New Yorker. In Hyderabad the odds are infinitesimal. I subscribe to the magazine and I wait for each issue to arrive. When it does I rip apart the cover and go through the cartoons first. Then come the essay-length contribution known for their rigorous research and lucidity. Having read The New York Review of Books, The Atlantic and a few other prestigious journals, I think the one quality that one can associate with The New Yorker is the eclectic range and sophistication of the material. Who are your favorite contributors?