Monday, August 1, 2011

It's everything I had imagined it to be

And before your mouth goes :-O, the 'it' above isn't a Cannes Lion. But it is – my first advertising award. And God it feels good. Like I said, the award is everything I had imagined it to be.
Not expecting it one bit. Check.
Heart Rate 220. Check.
Knees-going-weak while accepting it. Check.
Not remembering the name or the face of the gentleman who gave it to me. Check.
Looking at the camera and giggling like an idiot. Check.
Going numb once back to my seat. Check.
Staying numb for rest of the evening. Check.
Looking for eyes looking at me, but finding none. Check.
Discovering the Monday after to be as blue. Check.


  1. You deserve every bit of it...enjoy the moments..and my prayers for many more events like this in your life..

  2. Hey congrats...u deserve it all. And may u keep getting many more such awards. This is just the beginning...:)

  3. Absolutely Awesome! Well done! The day's not far when am sure this blog will get an award too! :-)

  4. You didn't tell me anything about this's something I never imagined:):) very very happy for you! Way to go ritika!!!! Love, Deepthi

  5. Brindha, Payal, Deepthi, thanks so, so much :) i mean in the whole ad scene this ain't big. but then getting a first award is nice thing :)
    Avishek, thanks so much and the blog getting an award too... oh yes am greedy :D

  6. Woo hoo.. Congratulations Ritika!!!

  7. That is pretty awesome, I say! Well done...and Congrats. Which ad did you get it for? Would love to see it!