Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wish list

Hire a personal proof reader.

Hire Shakira's trainer.

Hire four chefs (Bengali, Thai, Punjabi and Keralite)

Live close to a flea market.

Live in a place with pretty roads to walk and jog.

Persuade Bill Watterson to write more.

Have a home on a cobblestone street, with tiny wild flowers growing everywhere.

Carry the hippie look, effortlessly.

Have mangoes 12 months a year.

Have beautiful big windows in my living room.

Have a walk-in closet.

Get all my ads published.

Eat chocolate. Each. Single. Day.

Banish the phrase 'out of the box'.

Banish the word strategy.

Just so you know...


  1. hard core, i am in the business of inventing and popularizing words that you want banned!

  2. 5,13 and 14 rock....

    i want you and your husband to write more....can that wish be fulfilled :)

  3. Hi. No you dont know me. And a Bengali chef would more than keep me happy for life as well.

  4. totally happy-wala post! superb...

  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_cuisine

    I hope this would persuade you to include a Tam chef in your arsenal.

  6. seriously, what would make Bill Watterson write again? any thoughts anybody?

  7. P Raj, :) i will, and will tell the google specialist to write too

    rohmen, absolutely, especially if the chef can make a mean potol er dolma and rolls :D

    ab :D geee thanks

    maaaaaaa.. monsters, hmm 4 years of Coimbatore mess food, nah no chef can undo that.

    unknown indian.. maybe tarantino can...