Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost is a great place to be.

[oh! what i'll do to be here :)]

While that dreamy headline isn't mine, I wish I had written it and I so wish I were lost. Lost in the middle of nowhere, somewhere pretty, with little mist maybe, trees, damp grass and red clay; somewhere cold. Where I can run. Not from one window to another. Where my legs hurt and my feet ache. Not where I'm left with a numb thumb and an aching index finger. Where it's eerie.

Lost is a great place to be... Take me to Lost, please.

n.b. Yep, right, past weeks have been really bad at work, with the crappiest copy getting through and the good ones being rejected.


  1. Read today's Brand Equity. The brand manager at Reebok apparently tells his people to keep it real; not write for the Cannes Lion, but write stuff that makes sense, blah.... I think the "crappiest copy getting through" is just because of bosses such as these. Anyways, the Lion will be yours one day. Maybe just not today. Cheers.

  2. take me along and lose me on the way, please! :)

  3. UIOW, promises, promises and promises

    Mediocre, :) Yes, God please, please make it come true

    Divisha, come away with me :D

  4. awwwwww, heart melter, what a picture!

  5. puro notting hill climax type feel asche, only that its even more serene

  6. Stop thinking about a destination....any for that matter....and "lost" will be found even in your day-to-day rigmarole :)

  7. OK get lost!
    (At least I'll do that now ;) )