Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little less love

There are things we do for love and then there are things we do in the name of love. The latter sounds more real no? Something, people who wake up in the morning and drink tea do? Here I will refrain from what others do and talk about the things I do, in the name of love.

I like to fight. I like to be bitter. I like to be rude. I like to be irrational. I tend to be incoherent. I tend to be absurd. I become totally loathsome. I become over demanding. Yes, I do all of that. When you ask me why... all I say is because of love. Love makes me do all of that, can't you see?

No, it isn't an apology-through-blogpost to my man. It is a note to self... No love doesn't give you the license to be bad or crazy for that matter. If love is the trouble, then love a little less, if you may.

above is a quote from sex and the city

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  1. I will force "A" to read this. He thinks I am the only one linking bad behaviour to love. Wish we had the luxury of being not-our-best-self with at least one person in the big bad world...sigh.