Monday, January 4, 2010

Of New Year resolutions, few realizations and a stronger resolve

Good that 2010 is here. Not that 2009 was bad, and I take a moment to thank God for that, but 2009 was very plain, nothing spectacular happened. Like there’s so much more I could have done, that I didn’t, then there’s a lot, which I shouldn’t have, which I, well have. So, I am glad 2009 is over, and the new year gives me yet another chance to do things right, and most importantly do things. To make new to do lists, to note things that I would want to change about myself. If 2009 was mostly about dreaming, yeah lot of dreams, about my perfect job, my body, the way I choose to live my life, the way I keep my home, the kind of fun I have, the places I go, the way I do away with things/people I don’t like/want. 2010, will, yeah most certainly it will be about doing it and doing it most of what I have been wishing to.

2010 will also be the year of being organized and structured in every possible and every little way. 2010 will be a year of zero laziness. This will be the year of doing things and getting things done. 2010 will be a year of being a more balanced, matured and knowledgeable person.

It’s the fourth day of the New Year, and no I haven’t done anything earth shattering yet. But I am very hopeful of a very energized and a busy 2010, busy in a good way of course. The kind that does me and my dear ones good, and first step towards is to plan ahead. Yeah, planning ahead… my day, my meals, my weekends, everything.

What I have here is an extremely structured resolution list. I have categorized them into - professional, personal and miscellaneous. And then, I have sub-categorized these categories. Yep, I do not intend to be interesting here. So in the sub categories we have,
Professional 1 Day Job
Professional 2 Knowledge for my day job
Professional 3 Goals
Professional 4 Priorities
Professional 5 Networking
Professional 6 Get Rid Of
Professional 7 Get More Of
Professional 8 The art of following up

Personal 1 Family
Personal 2 Friends
Personal 3 Me [this one would be quite complex, but will figure it out :)]
Personal 4 Goals
Personal 5 Get Rid Of
Personal 6 Get More Of
Personal 7 Learn
Personal 8 Priorities

Miscellaneous 1 Paper Work
Miscellaneous 2 Learn
Miscellaneous 3Organize
Miscellaneous 4 Get Rid Of
Miscellaneous 5 Get More Of

And apart from that impressive resolution list that I’ve compiled, I am also looking at being more in control of things, decisions, choices and the life in general. :)

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