Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fuel asks: Can a 10,000 sq ft swanky gym get you in a 24W Levi’s?

I go to Gold’s Gym, perhaps the closest I would ever get to the A-listers. Not that I want to get any closer, just mentioning. Gold’s Gym is unlike any gym I have ever been to, well that’s not too may, but quite a few you know. It’s the first gym, where I don’t queue up for the treadmill; where machines don’t make my hands greasy; where I find more than two nine pound dumbbells, where I don’t cringe at the thought of using the mat; where every single air conditioner works and so does every cardio machine; where there are 4 awesome instructors, all of them awesome; where I look forward to those post workout showers; where the locker room looks exactly like how random sweet teenage movies on HBO told us would, where every corner is squeaky clean and often pretty; this is the gym, which I have been most regular to.

And this is also the gym, where people [both men and women] come to feel good and just that; where lonely married women come to seek single men; where lonelier married men come to run away from the domestic hum-drum; where the rich and the beautiful come to be reassured they are rich and beautiful; where pleasantly plump young girls come to shed the flab and regain their sense of worth; where the not so pleasantly plump ladies sweat hard [or so they think] to reclaim their husbands or whatever that was once theirs.

Gold’s Gym is a sanctuary of sorts, a kind of escape that tells you there’s hope. Maybe a lesser gym can get you the body that you seek, but not the place that you would want to run away to, each day. A place that tells you, you are okay.


  1. this is also where arnold worked out, and all the champions ... all the movie stars, the guy who inspired Arnold to hit the US - Dave Draper ...

  2. Aren't women supposed to be blogging about pink clothes, red roses, perfumes, nail polishes, assorted bouquets, cute kids, make up kits, and dresses that magically make them look thinner than they actually are? It was just yesterday that I read one of your earlier posts about lifting weights. And now - this! :)

  3. 24W!!???!! All the best! What else can i say? :)

  4. @unknown, brooke shields comes to my mind,

    @Maaaa... suryanamaskar coming up next, watch this space. :D

    @jayasree, can't a woman dream :)

  5. :) , hey btw ur blog is awesome! Sometimes i feel so close to what u wirte and sometimes too far... There is an uniqueness and celebration in ur words that makes me visit ur blog often. You know how to romanticize pain, anger and all related emotions :) And please dont let UIOW share ur blog space :) His tone is not in sync with the rest of the blog and they are lengthy (aadhath se majbur)! Keep Posting! Keep posting random coz tats wat i like about ur blog!

  6. Golds gym is really like the heaven of all gyms. And if nothing else, if it makes you feel a certain way, it will motivate you to go and work to achieve your goal (which for me is extremely lofty, but for you it may be totally reachable). Good luck!

    And I like your blog:)

    XX Niki