Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NO. Nah. Nada. Whatever, it’s a NO.

Addressing NO, as I know it
You have no idea, how very important you are. You have often helped me salvage my self esteem. You have, in more occasions than one have saved me from hot red ears and a flushed face. You have protected me from being labeled a) liar; b) timid/sissy/pansy; c) nincompoop. You give me power, I feel in control.

Would it be wrong to say that you have quite changed my life? No it wouldn’t be. You have and I am looking ahead to using you more often than ever.

Well, now that I am done with what I consider a very clever wordplay; I take a moment to advice. Whenever in doubt, hmmm, doubt of the faintest, the remotest kind… just say NO. You have no idea, how simpler it will make your days. Easy no?


  1. a friend told me this once and I totally agree :)
    nice post !

  2. I love this post!

  3. in my case this has led to not going anywhere and not doing anything

  4. But being able to say NO is also an art that we need to master well. Saying NO takes all the effort at times. Isn't it?