Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why it's so good to go home to parents, more often.

To start mornings with The Telegraph, Darjeeling tea and a piece of slightly burnt toast.

To realize that I can live without Facebook and dailymail for a week.

To enjoy the terrace on balmy evenings.

To understand that I am not indispensable at work.

To realize the importance of three major meals.

To get to eat those three major meals at times, they are supposed to be had.

To realize that spending 150 bucks on a sandwich is obscene; olives, pickled cucumber, exotic meats notwithstanding.

To take things for granted.

To not worry about the Outlook Express.

To not worry about what to wear, each morning.

To worry about calories though.

To find the refrigerator well stocked, at all times.

To understand the importance of a photocopier.

To be reminded that the last date to file the taxes is just round the corner.

To forget protocols.

To be happy.

To yearn for work.


  1. nice!

    you and your obsession with burnt toast!

  2. because you are a girl you didn't include the 'lengthy career discussions with dad' bit :)

  3. Hey...good going woman! Maybe I am getting senile...all such nostalgic posts make me weepy...or is it the mid-life syndrome fast approaching? Dunno...but nice post!

  4. I love your one-liners, because although your posts are succinct, you never choose brevity over clarity.

  5. Absolutely loved this post...awesome