Friday, June 19, 2009

No, there's no Professor Higgins in here.

[for the lack of a more suitable image, apparently this is by Bill Watterson]

For the record, I was never one of those starry-eyed, infatuated with the teacher or the professor kind of girl. But, a cool prof is always better than the uncool ones that we are so used to. Wouldn't you agree? The kind that are pleasant to talk to, listen to, and I am not even getting into the looks bit.

This morning, with my colleagues, I went to a college to get briefed on some branding that they want us to do. This was the first time I was visiting one, after I left college, which was a long time ago. So, needless to say, I got all nostalgic. The corridors, the water cooler, the messy canteen, the chalk, the hurrying footsteps, the green board, the roll nos., the notice board, the staff room, the seminar hall full of professors and KAPUT. Bam! Bam!

After a three hour long briefing session with the professors, couple of HODs, I wanted to run away. They could be the most uncool lot anywhere. And no, calling me beta doesn't help. Not at all. Rather, work on your loud voices and bored expressions.

Those three hours just wouldn't pass. Too many things reminded me of my college, which wasn't Riverdale High by the way. I wanted to run away. Which I did, three hours and many, many eerie memories later.

I am happy in my cubicle. Monday mornings, I can live with; Long work hours, I don't mind. The boss, that's alright I say, really.

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This happened when I searched for 'good looking professor' and 'cool professor' in corbis
:D :D told ya.


  1. i remember slimy green walls, snails climbing up those walls, professors who in a different time and place would end up as Nazi doctors, an administrative system than ran an inquisition like body,friends who mostly served as gloom partners,digging ditches and filling them up (people from IIT KGP called it illu) because nobody had anything fun to do ... college was horrible ... when people talk about college as some sort of a lost paradise I wonder how!

  2. Loved this one...seems like you had a great time ;)