Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bring on the iron baby!

Iron woman, iron woman,
Does whatever Madonna can
Leg presses, like a pro,
Squats and lunges to and fro.
Look out!
Here comes the iron woman.
.............. cut to gym, zoom on a woman lifting weights, (dull blue, pretty, rebook weights mind you, but weights nonetheless.)

I have come to like lifting weights. Yeah, like really into it. After years of cardio, and years of shying away from weights, I can now say, pass me the 12.5 Pounds, will ya. I did shoulders yesterday, let's do back today. Nice.
I like the sound of it. And yeah, I prefer calling weight training, strength training. Somehow, it gets the 'bodybuilding/ weight lifting' picture out of the mind, you build your core strength, that makes sense.

The transition, however wasn't easy, every time I lifted any weight images of Olympic medal winning women weight lifters flooded my mind. It took me more than 4 years to understand that a) lifting weights is very important, b) lifting weights will not make me muscular c) cardio alone doesn't do much d) it's impossible to get a body like say Shakira, without lifting weights e) muscle doesn't turn into fat once I stop working out, they are two different body tissues (hee hee talking technical, ain't I?). f) weight loss obsession ceases to matter, toned and taut is what I become.

While I have the deepest regard for Surya Namaskar, power/artistic/heat yoga, kick-boxing, Pilates, aerobics, taichi and the likes, I've learnt that a little bit of iron goes a long, long way. And yes, going to an incredibly good looking gym, with wonderful trainers and great mirrors certainly help.

I don't yet get that rush after weight training, the kind I do after a 20 minute run. But that's okay, I just got started.


  1. with this, my love an devotion for you is now complete, and I am not shy about declaring it on a public forum :)

  2. You inspire me a bit...ummm quite a lot actually...great post...and I am J!

  3. Reading about it was so much fun! Doing it..yawn...maybe another day :) Nice post.

  4. do you still get 'myself sweety and yourself?' babes while working out?

  5. UIOW, awwwww :)
    D, S, thank you, trust me it works. Just get started.
    ab, nah more like - 'Tum workout karta? mai bhi karti.' :D

  6. With this...Smoke's love and devotion for you is now complete....and he is not shy about declaring it on a public forum :)

  7. Honey it's impossible to have a body like Shakira without a gazillion dolars and lipo. LOVING your blog...