Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't you do that to me.

Last time I felt so let down was when I had my first slice of pizza. It was hardly as cheesy, as crusty, as divine, as whatever as I was promised it would be. However, this time round I feel utterly crushed, cheated and very sad on a whole, perhaps because of the time and patience that went into it.

I've very recently learnt that my power point presentations aren't really going to get me anywhere. A shame, since I've really perfected my PPT skills over the years. I am now what you call quite a pro at it. After being bullied by my superiors and other PPT pros for not having propah skills, I made sure it was at the tippy top of my must do lists.

And now, nothing has changed for me. No corner room, no 30 per cent hike, no paid vacations. Just a 'good job' at the end of each of those fancy presentations, c'mon that wouldn't suffice. Whatever happened to that promise that I will be in a different league altogether? That the way I look at things and the way the world looks at me, will change. What happened?

A bad concept still needs a rework, a boring headline still sucks; a pretty slide, I've realized, does nothing for it. Damn it.


  1. ppts never got anyone anywhere!

  2. Ritika.PPT, Cheer up! A pretty slide helps, maybe not in the world changing ways u speak of, but it definitely has an impact. If your slide is about 90% correct and contains what the client wants to hear, the rest 10% will be a cakewalk with a pretty slide. I knew a couple of CAs in my last organization who made terrible looking slides full of text at 8 font. They never made anyone happy. Ok, A prettying up a slide perhaps appears mundane. But as a gr8 man once said, Trifles create perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

    Just keep making them and one day you'll have your pot of gold. And be sure to treat me and the UIOW to a kilo of mutton (each) that day.

  3. Someone once said, there are only two tragedies in one's life, "When you dont have something that you want, and when you get it."

    Relax. If you're bored of powerpoint, try flash presentations ;)

  4. Hmm...leave the power point to the power mongers, try excel-ing at something else, mebbe? :D

  5. How about a picture for this post? Maybe a nice slide? :)

  6. you might be at a place somewhere someday where your performance or the merit of what you are selling would be mostly difficult to judge - thats when these skills would be useful