Monday, May 25, 2009

Chelpark, HB, Camel, Milton and one helluva nostalgia.

[Though this was never a part of my growing up years, I wish it were]

When the last time you went to school, was 13 years back, you know it was way too long ago. When school is where people who call you aunty go to, you know it was very long ago. Yet, I have never really been very nostalgic about it; perhaps, the fact that I went to 9 schools in 12 years made me a little wary about the whole thing, if I may say so.

My memories are so scattered. Back in class X, I couldn't walk the corridor, the same old corridor, with a friend, the same old and laugh over how, 9 years back, right here we fought over a lost crayon. I didn't know what my class XI crush looked like when he was 7. I didn't see my favorite teacher age. I never chanced upon my 11 year old craft project. My best friend in class IX, never made fun of my pigtails. Class XII farewell party didn't mean much.

However, yesterday I was missing the whole school thing,, after seeing my neighbor and her 9-old daughter at work, covering the notebooks with brown paper, sticking labels – name, roll no., class, section, subject, school... incredible.

I miss going to school, doing homework, having a class teacher who would teach us all five subjects, having a recess and a 9-3 routine I missed having a pencil box full of erasers, pencils and one ink pen. I miss, trying to miss the PT classes, I miss exchanging lunch boxes, I miss the morning assembly, I miss distributing éclairs on my birthday, I miss hating the first girl, I miss loving May & June, I miss the bus, I miss the window seat.

I miss my school. Maybe, all nine of them


  1. i went to the same school for 12 years, and i had the same best friends and foes for 12 years but nostalgia doesn't really strike one at 16 .. i don't really recall talking about the years past while in class XII .. but now we do, in the age of job switches every few years (and for people with a passport country changes) the only real home is a set of image - school memories mainly , and a gmail id. and yeah, I had a spider man pencil box with two compartments, one had pencils and the other - my pet black ants

  2. Brilliant :)

    I miss the tiffin breaks and playing football on the basketball ring with Thumbs Up caps...

    I miss the moral studies class right after the break where we played dumb charades..

    I miss the 1 rupee Imli aachar right after the school break before getting on the school bus...

    so many more...

  3. There was always this sense of excitement about the world that I would change when I grow up; about making my parents proud of their spectacle-clad nerd-scientist son, or perhaps becoming an all-leather rockstar; about wearing blue-stratos after shaves ; about possessing 100 rupee notes; about mangshor jhol; about pujor jama; about sitting in my dad's jeep and simulating the driving experience; about dreaming about sitting in my dad's jeep and simulating the driving experience; about meeting a white foreigner; about hoping that I could build a mansion that can house all my relatives; about getting out of school some day! Sigh!!!

  4. Awesome..
    I miss my swimming sessions during the May and June summer break.....
    the hobby classes where I made soft toys,paintings etc. which were a matter of pride.
    the visits to grand ma's place,cousins coming over...
    the list goes on......

  5. We used to have a sick room in school. I always wanted to be there for my Maths classes 'coz I hated being called up to the blackboard to solve a sum Mrs. Jacob gave us in front of the entire class.

    I remember when we started using ink pens we were not happy till our hands looked messy with the ink. The messier it looked, the happier we were.

    The list of memories down the lane is uncountable.

  6. It's a nice feeling i have, when I think of those holograms on erasers, the funny smell of wood on the pencils...the swish of the cellophane....loved it all...good post