Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A seaside vacation, 3 days of mindless eating and a few realizations

'SALE' and not the sun's orange loveliness at sunset brings me happiness.
A room with a view is good, but the room should be really good, view often ceases to matter.
There's something called too much seafood.
There's nothing called travelling light.
I am very good at haggling. Anywhere.
Malls and multiplexes are a very important part of my life.
So is a television.
I gazed at the sea and rued missing Benetton's end of season sale back home. Do I need help?

The clouds parted, angels sang, and a golden beam of sunlight was cast...
Maybe I am not too fond of the sea after all. Maybe, Orkut & Facebook albums aren't the best reasons to go on a vacation. And maybe there's really no place like home.


  1. Or maybe this wasn't one of those "fun" seas. The SALEs back home were pathetic. Whatever one (coaxed by one's better half) wanted, was never on SALE-shoes were mostly a size smaller/bigger, and clothes on SALE were ones you'd never be caught dead wearing.

  2. i have been trying to sell you this idea for years