Monday, January 5, 2009

Bored or stuck? I know the feeling.

And how do you differentiate between the two? How long do you have to be bored to realize that you are stuck and need to get out? How long?
And on that very note, I began my this year's list of must dos and don'ts. I am bored of myself. My reasons, my alibis, my delusional mind, and some of my ideas. I could do with some change; it's going to be less comfortable maybe, but I do need some change.

Somehow not having that fancy 'New Year's Resolution' heading to my list makes it that much more believable and doable. 'New' tops my list this year; which may include something as frivolous as trying a new haircut to something a tad more serious, like a new attitude perhaps. An attitude that teaches me to not cringe at the mere mention of paper work and investing. An attitude that tells me that hard work is meant to be hard. An attitude that helps me realize that even the guy who creates Nike ads, needs to copy check. An attitude that tells me airbrushing is a fact of life. An attitude that tells me to just get moving and not worry about looking silly. An attitude that assures me that another 5 minutes on the treadmill won't kill me. An attitude that tells me to care but not care too much. An attitude that makes me go about all that I want to go about. And finally an attitude that drills my head and says that I got to decide everything myself, be it trivial or significant; I've got to decide it all and stop looking for a punch bag (more on this later).

What's on your list?

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