Monday, November 17, 2008

The first post

I am not very deep. I mean I am normal, I work to pay my bills, I love to shop, travel, read, eat and I have body issues. So, why would I want to write a blog? More so, why would I want people to know about my oh-so-everyday life, errr... I would want to. Everybody is doing it, so will I.

And I have some reasons to –

One. I am in advertising (the 'most fun you can have with your clothes on' job). So I assume, I'll have some interesting things to write about.

Two. I'll soon have a new camera. So, want a space for the photos that I click. And no, web album is not an option.

Three. I am a copywriter you see, I got to write.

Four. Greed. I've been reading about many blogs being published into books.

Reasons too many, I'd say.


  1. need a favour, please tell me how to add photographs to my posts.

  2. And I read this today....almost after 10 years :)