Tuesday, November 5, 2013

on apologies and no apologies

the new year is upon us, and with it comes the big, big project - resolutions. so, to take the pressure off the last week of december and the first week of january, i have a plan. setting the 2014 resolutions well before it's due time.

yes, so apologies. the trigger has been a huffpost article i read a while ago, which said women are much more apologetic than men and it also had a list of the 9 most silly reasons to be sorry about. i read through the dammed list and found i was guilty of being sorry for a whooping 8 out of 9, maybe make that 9 out 9.

chronic apologizers also tend to apologize for mistakes of others - friends, family, colleagues and yes, absolute strangers. i nodded in agreement. and thus began my 'let's change things here' agenda. having spent a substantial part of my life in a complete apologetic mode, i figured this needs to change.

so this is how it goes - go very easy on SORRY,
use THANK YOU sparingly, and YES' only when absolutely necessary and only when i want to say it and mean it. not otherwise. and to never, never use a SORRY with NO.

and if that makes me rude, be my guest. :)


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