Tuesday, April 30, 2013

whatever they(whoever "they" might be) say about life... they have got a point

via pinterest
and this is what they say - life is too important to take it seriously. this has been bothering me for sometime. like questioning my existence, nah nothing so hardcore but in a way it has. questioning my decisions and choices. my routine. my everyday. so in a way it is pretty hardcore.
 let's take the case of my blog -there's so much i have to say, share, but i trash them condemning them unfit of a post. labeling them being not true to my blog type/category[if there ever is one]. and as a result, 3 months of no blog appearances.
 i want this blog to be a diary of sorts, no not the - this what i ate, this is what i wore kind of a diary - but the kind that chronicles beautiful/interesting/inspiring things i discover/experience, the way i learn and unlearn.  this is a blog about being a work in progress.a constant work in progress. while attempting to live a life, accomplishing goals, and live boldly. 


  1. Loved it...trust me I too face the problem of what to pen down at times, hence frequent absence from writing...loved the font :)

    1. fonts are our only play area right? oh yeah, talking about blocks, writing or otherwise, i am thinking of practicing the 'don't think it through'. and just do it anyway.