Friday, February 24, 2012

A lovely word and life lessons

I adore this word. The way it sounds and its meaning. It makes the tongue work a little, but not much. No rolling nothing, ends with a little whisper. The word lets you be a little lazy, easy and tad snob, all at once. Wonderful no?

Nonchalance is the trait of remaining calm and seeming not to care; a casual lack of concern... wow, oh my god, isn't that lovely?
The word is arrogant but not rude, it's indifferent but never selfish. It cares, but not much. Yes, it cares, but not much. Just perfect. It's such a balanced word.

I have figured, the key to happiness is to be somewhat oblivious. To things, people and developments around us, things that don't exactly/directly concern us. It's mostly about minding your own business. I have discovered, being slightly indifferent, for the want of a less dramatic word, is liberating.

So, this is what I want to be. Nonchalant. I want to care, but not much.


  1. Sensible take on life. But honestly there are somethings we come across that don't allow us to remain Nonchalant, something close, something dear and special to each of us.

    For the rest in life, it is the best attitude to carry. Lesser the involvement, lesser the expectation and the pain if any that it entails.

    But hope we remain sensitive towards things around us and let not the emotional chord in us become un-struck.

    1. Amen. and yeah you are right it's all about finding that perfect balance, to find that in-betweenness. between being an insensitive jerk and an emotional wreck.

  2. You just summed up my day and thoughts :) Absolutely love every word you write.

    1. :)shilu you just made my day.. and about being nonchalant, i am a work in progress, i am trying to get there soon i hope :)