Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giorgio Armani, a typo and his idea of luxury.

Mister Armani you have a typo on your very, very chic website. Yes you do. It’s about the usage of ‘a’ and ‘an’. Okay, so having saved you a blooper, can we now talk business? Will you kindly offer me a job in your esteemed organization as an anything? While creative consultant for Armani sounds really cool, I am okay with a proof-reader’s position too. Only if you could fit in the word creative somewhere, err a creative proof-reader maybe. Pretty please?

Just so you know I am not a stickler. It’s just that when you call your frames – frames of life [nice name at that], price it upwards of $150, and have a killer website, you are better off not having a silly typo.

Now, moving on to prettier things, things like luxury.

“Real luxury is just a state of mind that allows you to live each day in a unique and authentic way. “

I am not sure if these are the exact words from the man himself, or thoughts of an over zealous writer at Armani Co. Whatever it is, for anything Armani this definition of real luxury does not work. At best it sounds pretentious and patronizing. Does my bitter interpretation come from the realization that I won’t be able to afford an Armani anytime soon? Possibly.
Coming from a super-luxury brand,
how am I supposed to believe this take on real luxury? Humor me please.


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  2. if at all it could work for brands like the body shop

  3. Perhaps he meant that one doesn't need to buy Armani stuff to lead a life of luxury. Real luxury is having a choice.

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  5. haha...loved this one...just hope, the old man notices!