Friday, July 16, 2010

A case of blogger’s block

In the past few months not only have I not been able to write anything of interest, I haven’t had any interesting thoughts either. Yeah, scary stuff. No, it isn’t a case of being stuck or being bored contrarily there have been too many changes. A new job, a new home, new locality, new restaurants, new gym, the works; so it is not a case of the stale routine. And so, it must be what I frequently experience at work. A block. A big, big block. The writer's block. [ooh la la the word writer has a such a nice feel to it, doesn't it? that explains the peanutish moolah in advertising]

Back to the block, yeah I did attempt to write on a few occasions though, wow see the word attempt, c’mon an attempt to blog? How sad is that? So, after rounds of navel gazing, I decided to wait, wait until the words came flowing, such a robust flow, that no deadline, no lazy mind can stop.

Well, that was not to be. So I wrote. See the post below, says something doesn’t it, it was so forced? This time round, I am going to wait a little longer, yeah there’s a risk involved, that I never start again. That the ominous block refuses to go. Tough times. Sigh.

And on that note, I leave you with a question… just how seriously should a blogger take her blog?


  1. I face this so many I completely understand the block.

  2. anytime i start to take mine too seriously it bits me in the butt. it usually coincides with when i decide to take life too seriously and that bites me in the butt too.

    i must say that when there are too may things for me to write about, i am just (if not more) apt to get a block.

    you're lovely and your sweet words meant so much!


  3. @D... that's quite a relief you know :)

    @m.a.f. i feel so much better now, and about your brilliant posts, i meant every word i said :)

  4. Itz human...n to answer ur take wud be as long as it doesn't block u from the world...happy dreaming!