Friday, February 12, 2010

There are two kinds of people in this world…

[that's me fighting it out]

I am ashamed at being this corny, honest, I never thought I would use this damn ‘two kinds of people’ thing ever, but here I had to, as you see. I have always judged people who say - there are two kinds of people in this world, those who likewhite bread and those who don’t; those who use the straw and those who don’t; those who love to run and those who don’t, and its variants. But here, I had to. That said, yeah there are two kinds of people in this world – those who can freelance and those who can not.

By ‘those who can’ I mean those who can handle the whole process graciously and emerge unscathed. And by handling the whole process I mean procuring work, meeting deadlines, negotiating deadlines, talking money and collecting money.

I, however, as one might have rightly guessed by now, come under the ‘don’t’ group. I suck at it. And I gave had two ugly experiences so far, pretty ugly ones actually; and I have realized that my living-on-a-hilltop-sipping-on-chai-latte-writing-three-days-a-week-and-earning-a-neat-money dream is certainly not happening and I have also learnt to respect my day job, my only job.

[and that's my man fighting it out for me]

And since I am meek and coward and can’t do much about those two ugly experiences, I will say a silent prayer – May both the aforementioned parties, rot in hell. Amen.


  1. :)

    @UIOW - interesting days ahead

  2. Don't know about you but the picture of your man fighting it out for you is very accurate.

    Do you really run around with pistols?

  3. Most people can only read the letters "FREE" in freelancing. The problem generates from the word itself. Hence, find another word I guess.

  4. at cane-an, how i wish i did have pistols.. and yeah that's my man.

    at truly mine... i could kill them, i really could

  5. Or you could outsource the job? the industry has been around for a long time now.

  6. Nothing wrong with dreaming... reality is a mighty thud though!

  7. at chandranshu, only blood, gore, etc are on my mind right now.

    at maaaaaaa, well this man needs no pistol [cheesy i know]

    Mallika, so glad u r back.. and yeah i will dream on