Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dev D is a sensuous feast.

Super chic visuals, stylish characters, escapisms that you can almost relate to, locations you have been to, clothes you want to be seen in, pretty colours, riveting music and a happy ending... What's not to love?

Really, there's nothing about Dev D that I didn't like. And if you are all for offbeat, Dev D has loads of it. The cast is perfect, very unrestrained, very believable. Abhay Deol is delectable, I wanted him to keep having a good time and just keep seeing him. But, how can this guy be related to Bobby 'Bicchu' Deol or Sunny 'No if no but sirf jatt' Deol', however Abhay Deol as Dev D will redeem your faith in Bollywood actors. The two women in the film, are great finds too, both good actors and utterly refreshing. One is well nourished while other, genuinely thin, not south beach thin, not power yoga thin but the high-metabolic rate thin. Oh yeah, the love scenes... I loved them, very stylized yet real. Brazen yes, but will you cringe? no.

Moments of discontent? None. Unless, you have a problem with
being manipulated into wanting Dev to be with Chandramukhi,
Dev not being in enough pain or pinning enough for Paro,
Dev living happily ever after.

Not me, I liked what I saw, everything. And I want to see more of Abhay Deol, Kalki, Mahi Gill and Anurag Kashyap. Nice.

Chopras, Johars, ... shoo!


  1. curling toes, and the graffiti on the wall - awesome!

  2. yeah a different kind of curling toes, not the usual nazook kind that bollywood churns out.

  3. It's strange. Some of Bollywood's most critically acclaimed movies in the past year have not necessarily been out n out box office busters. A wednesday, mumbai meri jaan and now DevD.

    Incidentally, its quite similar to the trend in Hollywood wherein non summer blockbusters tend to rule to roost when it comes to Oscars, Golden Globes awards season time. Just try contrasting Dark Knight vs urious case of Benjamin Button. The former deserved at the veryy least a nomination for Best Director, movie.